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Export of European tools to Latin America

Tools from Europe to Latin America

Manufacturing products demands high quality machines to get your products in effectively and efficiently done. European machine manufacturer are the world leading producer in machine engineering.

What NESO does for you:

  • finding your desired tool spare part to the best price directly on the European markets
  • purchasing the tool
  • sort out all necessary papers to fulfill all legal requirements
  • ship the machine from Europe to Latin America

Benefit from better sales conditions through direct import, keep or even level up your production standards and avoid a machine stoppage by using the best global available technology.

European tool manufacturers:

Bosch, Germany

AEG, Germany

Gedore, Austria

PA Baumann, Switzerland

Hazet, Germany

Stahlwille, Germany

Usag, Italy

Alpen Maykenstag, Austria

Fein, Austria

MP Filtri, Italy

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